CityBike: Celebrating more than a quarter-century of independent, mostly responsible motorcycle journalism

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CityBike was created in 1984 with the idea that the Bay Area motorcycle culture is so vibrant, so ingrained in daily life, so rich in history, characters, stories, racing, riding, and comradeship that it deserves to be chronicled in print.

Our mission remains the same: to deliver to our readers thoughtful and provocative journalism that may lack the gloss and polish of the major national magazines, but more than makes up with enthusiasm, participation, integrity and loyalty to our readers and our beliefs. We are riders like you, and love riding, just like you.

The original free motorcycling publication, CityBike has provided a special brand of motorcycle news, reviews and information to hundreds of thousands of readers. It's now available at over 200 motorcycle shops, restaurants, bars and other moto-gathering spots throughout Northern California. It's also read by hundreds of subscribers across the United States and abroad.

CityBike is tabloid-sized, printed on newsprint for the inside pages, with bright white cover stock. It is a black and white publication, with full color on the covers and center spread.

CityBike Events, Advertising & Sponsorship
We produce, cover, or participate in high-profile local events such as CityBike Day, the Dirtbag Challenge, Moto Melee, the Sheetiron 300, and other "locals only" happenings. We offer an inside line to the many variations of motorcycling life here in Northern California.

Ad Submission and Specifications
CityBike is produced digitally using Adobe Creative Suite. We prefer ads to be submitted in .PDF or .JPG format. Please produce PDFs using the "High Quality Print" setting with no bleeds or marks. JPGs must be a minimum of 200 DPI, and use grayscale color space. Color ads will be converted to gray, which may cause a loss of quality.

Please refer to the ad size chart below when creating an ad for submission.

Regarding file naming, please include the name of your business, the month and year.

If your business does not have the resources to produce advertisements, we have a captive designer who can do graphics work for you.

CityBike goes to press on or about the 20th of each month. Ad submission deadlines are the 10th of each month.

Advertised Pricing Policy
Price advertising on current model motorcycles is limited to MSRP.

Non-current or discontinued models, used bikes, parts, services, accessories, and gear are all fair game. "Blowout ads" may be unacceptable if a fair trade agreement was signed with the stocking distributor.


Full Color - Add 10% to price, 1/4-page or larger ads.

  • inside front cover
  • center spread
  • inside back cover
  • back cover

Location Hold - Add 10% to any ad for stationary location each month.

Poster/Flyer Distribution - $600.00 Our delivery crew will circulate your posters to 200+ local shops and verbally ask permission and then hang posters in shop windows. Participation is discretionary on a per-shop basis, but we get better results than USPS ever will!

Inserts - $100 per 1,000 copies. Cost may vary slightly depending on size/weight of insert (supplied in advance by client). Qty is defined by print run in the desired month.

Classified Ads
$25 for 25 words. 25¢ per word over 25.
$90 unlimited dealership used inventory listings.

Ask about discounts for clubs and non-profits

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Ad Specs
Please submit your ads in .PDF or .JPG format. PDFs should use the "High Quality Print" setting with no bleeds or marks. JPGs must be a minimum of 200 DPI. Files should be named with name of your business, month and year.

Please refer to the ad size chart below when creating an ad for submission.

Ad Size W x H (Inch) W x H (Pixel)
Center Spread 21.25" x 13.875" 4250 x 2775
Full Page 10.25" x 13.875" 2050 x 2775
Junior Full 7.657" x 10.375" 1535 x 2075
Half Vertical 5.0625" x 13.875" 1013 x 2775
Half Horizontal 10.25" x 6.875" 2050 x 1375
Third Vertical 5.0625" x 10.383" 1013 x 2077
Third Horizontal 7.657" x 6" 1531 x 1200
Quarter Vertical 5.0625" x 6.8125" 1013 x 1363
Quarter Banner 10.25" x 3.375" 2050 x 675
Quarter Flag 2.4062" x 13.875" 481 x 2775
Sixth 7.657" x 3.375" 1535 x 675
Eighth Vertical 2.4062" x 6.8125" 481 x 1363
Eighth Horizontal 5.0625" x 3.375" 1013 x 675
Sixteenth 2.4062" x 3.375" 481 x 675