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October 2014

  • Thumpin' to talk about: we ride Honda's CBR300R
  • More SFMC history: early heroes
  • Courtney Olive reports back from the Isle of Man
  • CRF 'n' Turf: CRF250L long-term project update
  • Maynard: Riding to Indy
  • Hertfelder: Learning Curve
  • News, Clues and Rumors: Addiction Motors returns, and so does LG Moto; "I have had it with all these motherf#$ckin' tar snakes on this motherf#$ckin' plane!"; Maxi-Max reports back from the Salt Flats; SB 1077; tutu riders riding in tutus; Mission Electric gives Mission Motorcycles its name back (basically), and (coincidentally) someone loses their panties at Mission Motorcycles (not to be confused with Mission Electric); 3 feet for entitlement and/or safety; Aprilia gets back on track.
  • New Stuff—Book Club Edition: Troy Bayliss's A Faster Way, Peter Egan's Leanings 3, The Art of Ducati, and our take on Michelin's Pilot Road 4 sport-touring tires.
  • Plus Uneasy Rider, Slappin' the tank, Events, Classifieds, and one or two other cool things. Maybe. No guarantees. It's free, after all.

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